Monday, December 1, 2008

Back-up Songs From Your Ipod To Your Computer In Windows

Have you ever wanted to take the songs from your Ipod and put them onto your computer? You may need to do this some time if your hard drive crashes and you lose all of your data and do not want to have to spend all of the hours recopying your whole cd collection back to your computer. There is a free tool that can make this task very easy and it is called iDump this can be downloaded from here: Now all you will need to do is just download and install the program and then start it up. After you have that completed you can get started with this tutorial.

First you want to make sure that you have your Ipod plugged in to your computer. Other wise you will not get anywhere and the program will not open either. Once it is started up it will load all of your songs. After it is done loading the songs you have there are a couple options that you can select from the drop down menu. You can select from the different playlists that that you have created on your ipod and select songs from there or you can just leave it on the all songs selection. Now you can select the songs to be copied by selecting them one by one or you can right click and choose select all if you just want to get all of the songs from your Ipod.

Selecting songs to be copied

Now that you have all of the songs selected that you would like to copy to your computer you can now select where you would like the songs to be copied to on your computer. To do this you will need to click on the Output Options tab toward the top of the window. From here you can just browse to the directory that you would like to copy to. I have just set mine to a music folder on my desktop but you can copy them to where ever you choose. You can also change how the folders will be laid out in the directory that you choose by changing the File Output Format. I have just left mine on the default option because that is just the way that I like my folders to be sorted but you can choose to change yours as you choose. You can also select the Unattended transfer so then you will not have to monitor the whole process of your songs being copied.

Output Options window

Now to copy the songs to your computer all you will have to do is go back to the Ipod tab and then just click on the Start Copy button. Now all you will have to do is just wait for all of the songs to be copied and then you can transfer them to your Itunes or what ever other music player that you have installed. Now you will not have to worry about loosing all of the songs on your ipod and not being able to get them back onto your computer without spending hours.

Songs being copied to computer

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