Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saving Images On The iPhone/iPod Touch

Have you ever been browsing the internet on your iPhone/iPod Touch and came across a picture that you would really like to save so that you can either show somebody else or just want to look at another time? This can be accomplished very easily you will need to be on the page that the picture is on and then just press and hold the picture until you get a notification if you would like to Save Image or Copy (you will have more options if the picture is also a link). You will want to select Save Image.

Save Image

To veiw your photo you can goto the Photos app on the botton of the main screen with all of your other apps. When in Photos you photo will be saved in the Saved Photos folder.

Saved Photos album

Now if you would like to copy these images to your computer you will need to plug in your iPhone/iPod Touch. Then goto My Computer in Windows XP or Computer in Windows Vista (on a Mac it should just be mounted on the desktop) and then look for the name of your device (mine is called Nate's iPod). You should see the pictures when you open it. Now you can just copy and paste these images to where ever you would like onto your harddrive.

Picture that was saved

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