Friday, September 17, 2010

Fix A Laptop Cable

Awhile back a friend of mine came over to my house with their puppy to just hang out for a bit. After they left I remember seeing my laptop cord was chewed on and went to see if it still worked but no luck on my part it was ruined. I was just going to buy a cord but they are so expensive and to make it a little worse my laptop only runs off the cord because the battery can't hold a charge anymore. But atlas I tried something that seemed worth a try and came out working just as before. Just the cord is a little patched up.

Things needed:
broken cord
wire cutter
razor/knife (to strip the wires if no tool for it)
electrical tape

The tools needed to fix the cord

First what you will need to do is use a wire cutter and cut the cord on both sides of the bad part on the wire. Then you need to strip the plastic outer coating off to show the wires inside. You can do this with a razor blade or a knife just try not to cut any of the wires on the inside when doing this.

Cords stripped and separated

Depending on which side of the cord is bad what you need to do is just tie the alike wires together (color coded or different styles). To tie the wires together you can use electrical tape. Just twist the wires together and then tape em' up. Tape the different sets of wires separate from each other. Once you are done with this you can tape all the wires together just make sure that none of the wires are showing through and can touch the other wires. This can short things out and then you would have to redo everything.

Cord all tied up with electrical tape

After everything is taped up it's ready to test it out and see if you have done it correctly. You may not want to have it plugged into your laptop on the first attempt to plug the cord into the wall. If everything is good no sparks or anything unusual you can then plug in to your laptop. If all is good you should see the lights come on to notify you that the computer is being charged. You are now done and have saved on a bit of money by not having to buy a new cord.

Up and running fine

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