Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Mind Of A Geek

Are we insane? Or do we just run our brains with too much logic so we can block out certain types of thought processes. In thus we can make different decisions more logic based without other mind controlling factors coming into play. We as geeks are different in many ways from the "norm" as you can call it. We tend to spend a lot of our time on our computers; well you may say that a lot of businesses have employees working on computers all day too. The difference would be that the geek will be reading about the computer and how it works and the employee will just be using the machine. For the average person knowing how a computer really works doesn't really appeal that much to them, for the geek on the other hand it is this complex mess that needs to be figured out so you can obtain the most understanding on how things work. This list was inspired by the idea that we understand many things as geeks that the norm doesn't so maybe they can learn more about us and maybe understand that there is operation behind our madness.

The List Of 20 Geek Things

1. Some how as a geek I have come across many problems that I have never faced but somehow knew how to complete the task as if I have done it many times before.

2. You will find that a geek will know exactly whats wrong with your computer with you just giving a very brief description. (Not the case with major problems)

3. A geek will know more about your computer than you do in only 5 minutes of use.

4. Most geeky forget that you "can" navigate with a mouse and not just the keyboard.

5. Somehow we know all the hot keys in every OS.

6. Sometimes we can find it hard to grasp small concepts when we've been thinking so complex all day

7. For a geek reading is something that you can't get enough of. (Doesn't matter what it is there is just that desire to know more.)

8. A geek is never afraid to open up a computer case just to see whats inside. (Most of us run our machines with the sides off all the time, call it easy access.)

9. We are always looking for new things to mod or fix, always love a new challenge.

10. Wishing there was more time in the days to learn and build.

11. As a geek we tend to think of a lot of information as well known to the general public, but they really have no idea what your talking about.

12. Most geeks will not have the top of the line systems, but they will still run just as fast.

13. We know a lot more than just PC's, we will find any information useful.

14. Always looking for more new information to learn and use.

15. We can easily skip a meal or a nights sleep due to reading or finding something new to try out and the hours just fly like minutes.

16. They can be the most helpful people, because sometimes they are just happy to see people and your computer problem helps you relate to them.

17. Never underestimate the mind of a geek they will surprise you.

18. If it's not possible we will make it possible, if you think back most item we use today were thought impossible at one time.

19. Can remember number sequences better than peoples names.

20. Befriend them if possible, you can learn a great deal of information. Though they may seem a bit kooky at times.

All in good fun, I hope that you enjoyed it. Now get out and start reading and learning about everything and anything. The internet is a vast source of knowledge use it to your advancement.

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