Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monitor System Temps With SpeedFan

Ever wondered what the temperature of your computer actually is when it's running? Well there is a free program called SpeedFan that can monitor your system temperatures. You can Download it from here: Once you have it downloaded just install it and run it. Now you should be able to see the different temperatures of certain areas in your computer.

SpeedFan Main Window

SpeedFan Notification tray Icon

If you go through the different tabs you can see some of the other things that SpeedFan has to offer. If you go into Configure there are a bunch of options in there like changing the icon color or setting up the temperature ranges for areas. This can be a very handy program especially if you are building a computer and want to know if you have adquate cooling in your machine. This program can be used as either an advanced tool or it can be used as just a normal users tool too. If you have any questions/feedback or would like to have a more indepth view of this program just leave a comment below.


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