Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Changing Your Logon Screen Using LogonStudio

Have you ever wondered if you could change your logon screen so that it is not so boring and plain or wanted to make your own? There is a Free program called LogonStudio that can do this for you in a very simple manner. So lets get started on changing up the logon screen.

Once you have downloaded and installed LogonStudio you will need to start it up. It should look like something similar to the image below.

Main screen of LogonStudio

At first you only have three different logon screens to choose from but if you head on over to ( for Windows Vista) and ( for Windows XP). From there you can download a ton of different logon screens to use in LogonStudio.

After you you have choosen the logon screen you would like to use and have it downloaded you can now load it into LogonStudio. To do this you will just need to click on Load. From there you will need to navigate to where ever the file is located and then click Open. You can now see the logon screen that you have chosen in the little preview box.

Screen shown in preview box

Now you will just need to click Apply and now your logon screen is changed to the one that you have chosen. The one that I am using is shown below and can be downloaded from here.

The finalized product of LogonStudio

Now if you cannot find the perfect logon screen on the Wincustomize site then there is an option in LogonStudio for you to create your own logon screens. All that you will need to do is click on New. After you have clicked New you will get a little prompt screen for you to name your logon screen.

Create new logon screen

Once you are done naming what your creation will be you can just click on Create. Now a window will come up so that you can start designing your own unique logon screen. It will start out as the regular Windows logon screen but you can change it to whatever you like.

LogonStudio Editor window

That is pretty much it for LogonStudio. If you ever want to change back to the regular windows logon screen all you will need to do is open up LogonStudio and then click on the Restore Default XP/Vista Logon button. Have fun with your new logon screens and also if you have any suggestions on some logons to check out post up the links in the comments. Also if you have created your own and want to share what it looks like you can post up a link to it I would love to see them.

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John said...

hi...thx for the guide...
i downloaded Logonxp which has loginstudio editor but the new version sucks as its gui is not as good as the one your have mentioned here.
Can you let me know which version of logon xp you used at that time which has this good gui based loginstudio editor?

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