Saturday, April 11, 2009

Installing New Fonts In Windows

Have you ever wanted to use a certain font that you thought looked pretty cool but couldn't figure out how to actually use it or where to get it? Installing fonts isn't a hard task at all. The only thing you need to know how to do is drag and drop or copy and paste (which ever you prefer to use). If you are wondering where you can download fonts there are many places to choose from but one site that I like to use is That site has a huge selection so you should be able to find what ever you need there.

Once you have your font downloaded you will need to navigate to where your files are downloaded to usually the desktop is the default in most browsers. You may have to right click on the file and choose Extract because some fonts are downloaded in .zip files.

To get to the folder where you install the fonts you will want to go to Start > Control Panel. Then you will want to select Fonts. You should then be brought to a folder where all of your fonts are stored.

Fonts folder

After you have the Fonts Folder opened all you need to do is either Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop the downloaded font file into the Fonts Folder. The font will then be installed onto your machine and can be used in any program that can write and use different fonts.

Font being dragged and dropped into the Fonts Folder

Now you can install tons of new fonts onto your computer within seconds. Have fun writing notes or putting text in pictures using your favorite fonts.

Font shown in Writer

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