Monday, April 27, 2009

Macs Can Be A Target Of Viruses Too

Yesterday I was browsing around on the net and went to the How-To Geek site like I do many times throughout the day and seen This article posted on the front page. I have personally always known that you can get viruses on a Mac but a lot of the users don't seem to know this because Apple says in their ads that a Mac cannot get a virus. Like this Mac vs. PC ad that I seen just the other day. I thought that it was kind of cool that I just seen the ad just the other day and now I find this article on the subject of Macs not getting viruses. Even though Mac users do not have to be too worried about getting any viruses now there is still the possibility and as long as Macs keep getting more popular the more exploits and viruses will start to turn up. So be aware of what you are loading onto your machine it doesn't matter if it is a PC, Mac or whatever else you may be using.

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Kevin Edwards said...

*Name* one Mac OS X virus. As of this writing you can't. The title of your article should've read, "Macs Could be A Target Of Viruses Too". Again, just to be clear, to date, there has not been an OS X virus.

"Apple says in their ads that a Mac cannot get a virus"

Apple has never said this in any ad or in any copy or messaging anywhere, ever. If you believe they have, please cite your source.

"Like this Mac vs. PC ad that I seen just the other day. "

Watch that ad again, and pay closer attention. They correctly state that there are thousands of viruses for Windows that Mac users don't have to worry about, not that there could never be a Mac virus.

The author of the post your refer to is confused between the difference between viruses and other types of malware, like trojans. The author is called on his lack of clarity and reacts rather foolishly, stating that it doesn't matter.

Yes, it does matter, and the lack of understanding makes the author of that article unqualified to be offering advice on the subject.

Anonymous said...

The author of this post was PWNED by the guy in the comment above!

Anonymous said...

the ibotnet... a trojan is a virus. but it is not as harmful as the pc viruses,,, its not that so so virus..

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